Program of Priority Tasks of the Mayor of Kyiv

Kyiv residents treated us with an unprecedented trust at the time when Kyiv is facing a very difficult economic, social and humanitarian situation.

The most critical issues have been ignored for years, and during Yanukovych rule city resources were deliberately pumped out.

We should bring real changes to the capital.

Our priorities are the following:

- Devastating blow to corruption.

- Transparent, open and efficient use of the city budget according to the needs of people of Kyiv.

- Attracting investment.

- Providing conditions for safety and comfort of Kyiv residents.

- Collaboration with the community in decision-making and implementation of decisions.

For each priority, we have defined a chain of measures


Priority 1. Devastating blow to corruption.

1. Centralized control. Internal control and audit service is subordinated directly to the Mayor of Kyiv and promptly responds to all violations.

2. Transparency. Implementation of the program "Transparent Budget" and "Transparent Procurement": residents of Kyiv should keep every public hryvnia under supervision.

In this context, the third measure arises. Online activities. Modernization of presence of the Kyiv authorities online to provide access to financial records.

Also, after the modernization of the website, Kyivans will be able to receive maximum information and services from the authorities online, report a problem, initiate a petition, etc.

4. Clear rules. Simplified and clear regulation of licensing procedures.

5. Public control of procurement: transparency of information, price control, open tenders.

6. An audit of all communal enterprises, reduction of their number, transparency of their accountability.

7. A common database of property owned by the community. Availability of information about owners of a particular object or area, their management, and lease conditions.


Priority 2. Transparent, open and efficient use of the city budget according to the needs of people of Kyiv.

Communal budget requires careful analysis and reform for elimination of bureaucratic corrupt practices.

1. Proper and effective use of public funds: audit of targeted programmes, assessment of their effectiveness and review and cancellation of ineffective ones.

2. Clear and transparent procedure of utility pricing for Kyiv residents and social protection for those who need it.

3. Budget allocation primarily for basic needs of social development:

- expanding the network of kindergartens;

- funding for schools to meet the needs of children;

- support of healthcare establishments to meet the needs of patients; strengthening of control over the medications procurement and pricing.

4. Providing housing through "Social rent” Program - housing lease at affordable prices to those who need it.

5. Bringing order to land and property issues. Cancellation of unlawful decisions of the previous city authorities based on the audit findings.

Standardisation of advertising space, introduction of standard pattern of advertising which will match the landscape of the city.

6. Engaging residents in housing and residential areas upgrade, in particular, in terms of control over allocation and expenditure of funds.

7. Granting targeted social assistance in the framework of "Care" program for those who really need it and not profit from public funds.

8. Audit of energy consumption in Kyiv and introduction of energy saving technologies. Cooperation in this area with international organizations, raising funds from the World Bank, EBRD, and other establishments.

9. Promotion of healthy lifestyle, development of a sports ground network.


Priority 3. Attracting investment.

We need to bring investors from all around the world to Kyiv and open Kyiv to the world.

1. In autumn we will host an International Investment Forum, which we are preparing now.

2. Involvement of private co-financing of projects, which the state or the city cannot fund themselves.

3. Implementation of already reached agreements with international financial institutions.

In particular:

- deliver 80 new 18-meter trolleybuses to the city by the end of 2014;

- receive subsidized loan (at a rate of 0.25% per annum) to replace street lighting bulbs in Kyiv;

- attract leading international experts to implement the project of KCSA creditworthiness improvement;

- introduce an automated traffic control system;

- construct high-speed railroad connection from Troeshchyna to the right bank of Kyiv.

4. Development of transport infrastructure. Inter alia:

- optimization of public transport for the convenience of passengers;

- construction of a highway with an exit to Darnytskiy Bridge;

- optimization of large vehicles traffic in the daytime;

- road maintenance and warranty service for contractors;

- development of parking lots and bringing order to parking;

- development of cycling infrastructure.

5. Attracting investors to moving industrial areas to the city outskirts and creation of modern industrial parks that would provide jobs and use Kyiv’s high scientific potential.

Investment will also be attracted to the development of an urban free wi-fi network with a high-speed Internet access.


Priority 4. Providing conditions for safety and comfort of Kyiv residents.

Here we are to deal with the issues that have been ignored over the years.

1. Environmental issues:

- incentives for investors to construct modern recycling facilities;

- use of new environmentally friendly technologies for water treatment.

2. Provision of urban amenities:

Create a list of property holders in the land / town-planning cadastre; each area should have those responsible for it.

3. Reconstruction and development of parks and green zones so that each district has its own "green oasis".

4.  Settling the issue with the illegally installed kiosks and markets in a civilized way. Law enforcement and forwarding funds to the budget rather than into the pockets of corrupt officials.

5. Formation of a municipal police service, who would perform the tasks of protecting law and order, patrolling the streets and yards, controlling parking, etc. We are cooperating with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to bring necessary legislation amendments to parliament.

6. Preparation for winter, so that it would not take city authorities by surprise.


Priority 5. Collaboration with the community in decision-making and implementation of decisions.

For us, a new quality of power lies above all in constant dialogue with Kyiv citizens.

1. We are working on more efficiency of 1551 service in order to take stricter control of claims execution and verification of claims. Responding to complaints will set a foundation for further ranking of districts, which determines district authorities’ effectiveness.

2. This relates to the previous measure and lies in obtaining on-line maximum response from the authorities.

3. Public discussion on the development of Kyiv, its Master Plan, zoning, detailed plans of areas, etc.

4. Appointment of an Urban Development Council, formed of business community, public, academic and educational institutions representatives. Discussion of any innovations from the business community, oriented on creating new jobs.

5. Maidan issue. Holding an international architectural competition on development of Independence Square, Khreshchatyk Street and Instytutska Street.