Klitschko: Kyiv will worthily host Eurovision 2017

09.09.2016 13:57

Kyiv will host the international song contest Eurovision next year on a higher level, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said after the announcement of a Eurovision host city in Ukraine.

“Objectively, Kyiv is the most prepared city and fits most for hosting events of such a scale. But for the experience in being home for Eurovision 2005, Ukraine’s capital hosted the final match of Euro 2012. Thus, we have a positive experience and all opportunities to prepare and host the contest on a higher level,” Klitschko emphasized.

Commenting on the venue where the contest will take place, the mayor said that it is the Kyiv International Exhibition Center with the capacity of 50 thousand visitors.

He also added that there are two international airports in Kyiv, and Ukraine’s capital has the best air service with other cities and countries of Europe and the world. Also, Kyiv can offer a sufficient number of hotel rooms of different levels, which accept all the guests of the festival. "There are 265 hotels in Kyiv, which can provide accommodation for over 23 thousand people,"  Klitschko said.

The mayor noted that Kyiv respects all the cities that applied for and wanted to host Eurovision. He called on all to engage in the organization of the musical event.

"We look forward to seeing everyone, considering all ideas and assistance to make Eurovision 2017 a great event. Hosting events of such a high level is a promotion for the whole country,” the mayor emphasized. “We wait not only for foreign visitors but also guests from all cities of our country. It is also reasonable to arrange fan zones in many cities, where spectators can enjoy the festival of music", Vitali Klitschko stressed.